Q: you like sarah more than ed and edd?


I do.

It’s funny because I don’t draw or talk about her a lot, but I really like Sarah a ton.

I can see why she’s hated. She’s an awful little brat who usually only shows her kinder side towards her best friend, but in that sense it’s kind of interesting to see that she has a sweeter side at all. Despite it all she’s actually a lot like her brother. You just wouldn’t expect it given their differences.

Sarah’s a great character, even if you think she’s an awful person.


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Q: When I first watched The Eds Are Coming I thought it was meant to canonize Jimmy having a crush on Kevin. I don't remember my thought process, but it probably had to do with the shirtless scene in the dream sequence and the feet kissing. That, or I had watched Jimmy fanboy over Kevin in This Won't Hurt An Ed and it stuck in my mind. Looking back it probably hinted more at Jimmy having a crush on Sarah than anyone else, but in the moment it felt like he became an officially queer character.


I think Jimmy’s into both Sarah and Kevin, at least as far as that dream is concerned.  He’s always been a queer character in my heart.

halotharfroggies thank you for recommending this blog. i’m going through it right now and i am indeed enjoying what i’ve read. but this—yes, i agree with this. 

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i reorganized my desk and there is SO MUCH SPACE NOW

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Q: not-so-patiently waiting on my pic bro. :l

it is done 

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my pathfinder ranger gnome
the perspective is shit and i am sorry

I’ll just drop her here…
Q: Oh sweet baby jebbies your OC IS HOT xDDDDD

thanks! problem is he knows he is, so he’s a pretty big shit too. xD

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OC: mateo “matty” godoy, who may or may not have been the little douchebag johnny was talkin bout 
Q: ahhhh i didn't know you could do that with gifs :O i still love that drawing more than life, js.

i didn’t either, i was BSing but it actually worked. :U the draw needs to be updated 

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well this just popped up in my mind…KevxJimmy.

think about it.



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practice painting with different brushes

artofpesadilla is where i shall be posting the concept art/WIPs and such for my in-the-works webcomic project, Pesadilla. if you’re interested, please follow! i’ll be drawing up a synopsis for it soon. <3

Cranky Papa-Johnny because reasons.

i made it to day one xD and even then it was like, three days after i posted it. 

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